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Welcome to Hubco!

Thanks for registeration on the Hubco and using our products, Hubco provided by ICT Middle East (Data Processing Company- Parvaresh Dadeha ) located at No.25, Shohada Alley, Mirzay-e shirazi st,Tehran – IRAN. All activities are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic Iran and all subscribers subsequently are required to work within the rules. Using services have been offered at Hubco, means you have accepted the terms and conditions mentioned in this page; Therefor is recommended to read these contents carefully. If the terms and conditions changed,the provisions will be notified via email, so it is necessary to provide a correct email account.

To use Services

You are committed to use the services and functionality provided of network properly and avoid any misuse. with Subscription and use Hubco services,you will not have any ownership over Hubco and it's content, All rights reserved for ICTMiddle East (parvaresh co.).At the Hubco,you find the content and information according to user requirement, that is not produced by the Hubco, Therefore, the Hubco and ICT Middle East, do not have responsible for contents and All responsibilities notice person or organization manufacturer and provider that offer this information. So, all members of the network have to provide and generate the actual content and information , they must adhere laws of the Islamic Republic Iran ,too

your account

If you want to use of Hubco services, you require to make an account and to pay subscription fee.Your account has been made by yourself or your master or your organization that has been held you , anyway you have to observe all terms and counditions.If your account has been held you by your master or your organization , they every time could deprive you Hubco services.

You are responsible towards maintaining and caring your password. If you forget the password or disclose your password take action to change your password immediately

Hubco contemplate to make safe and secure environment for subscribers,so,if a subscriber break rules of terms and counditions , Hubco has authority banning offender subscriber of Hubco services forever without warning. Some cases he/she is prosecuted to compensate. If you want to abandon Hubco, you do not extend your subscription although we are enthusiastic to serve you countinuously. After one mounth of not extension subscription if you want to work with us again you must creat a new account and do not access your previous context.

We know the value of your information and available content in your account, so before the end of the subscription period,we will notify you to extract informations and contents you need by sending email . Therefore, it it is necessary to provide a valid email account

generated content and your information

In during of using Hubco, you enter some informations and some subjects. They are your own informations, although if you enter your informations,you allow Hubco keep them ,facilitat access to content for desired subscribers and Hubco use these information to achieve Hubco services and promotion services quality.It is essential when you regist your informations , you become sure in order to publish informations. Subscribtion rates at Hubco is valid that has been shown when you have ordered and have seen in your invoice.

change of services

we change and develop Hubco to get rise Hubco services countinuosly.With this way , abilities of Hubco will become more or some things are not requirement,will be omited.